The Making of Marbella

The Making of Marbella

What started as a one off set has now become our best selling piece with a new addition to the Marbella family... our buttery Marbella set in a soft ivory hue. 

Designer notes from Yasmin...

"When I first started crafting the Marbella set in the original bold black hue I chose a light chiffon fabric and quickly realised this was not the look I was after. The fabric chosen was way too lightweight and transparent for such a sophisticated garment. I then decided to opt for a heavier weight double georgette fabric which was more opaque whilst giving the same light breathable feel. I was then able to craft the gathering knotted details. 

I quickly realised that this top could be worn not only in the halter style but also as a one shoulder garment to create a completely different look. Adding even more versatility and extended the lifetime wear of the piece. 

Upon our newest release of the Marbella in our newest buttery hue, we decided to add a red wine coloured bow to amplify the romantic feel that our Koster girls felt when wearing our pieces. Each person can now choose whether or not they want the bow added to the top. 

The creation of our Marbella line was such a journey and I cannot wait to see where we go next with this innovative style."

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